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Corporate Social Responsibility - Residential Builders :: TAIN

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Property development involves managing environmental and social impacts throughout the lifecycle of each property. We aim to construct sustainable buildings that are commercially viable, offer long-term profitability, and build our reputation and relationships in the communities in which we operate. We work closely with employees, consultants, architects, contractors and other project partners to create sustainable, well designed buildings that enhance their local environment. Construction is rigorously managed to achieve efficient completion with the highest health and safety standards.

Property management involves working with stakeholders to manage the environmental and social impact of our properties. We provide our property management teams with guidance and support on managing corporate responsibility. This support includes policies and documents, management meetings and forums and access to expert advice on specific issues. Property management teams implement corporate responsibility initiatives on-site, liaisoning with occupiers, employees and local people. The effectiveness of this approach is demonstrated by their achievements.

TAIN has taken on redevelopment of several community park regeneration projects in the location and cities that it has a presence in, this is done to enhance the lifestyle of the surrounding communities and contribute in its long term social progress.

Acquiring properties
Our acquisition process includes an assessment of the investment choice against TAIN's Corporate Responsibility Policy using a checklist which helps identify and manage potential risks, costs and opportunities.

Corporate responsibility risks and opportunities covered in our due diligence processes include:
- Pollution, particularly the presence of contaminated land, noise pollution.
- sensitive areas on or near to the site
- proximity of major aquifers or water courses
- planning requirements
- energy performance of buildings
- existing tenants' interests
- Transport accessibility

Following acquisition, TAIN requests information from the vendor about existing corporate responsibility policies or initiatives at the property. If possible we will take these forward as part of our corporate responsibility programme.

The relative importance of these issues depends on the proposed use of the property, on commercial considerations such as property value, and the likely extent of TAIN's management control.

Designing and constructing properties

Corporate responsibility is relevant during design, procurement, construction and handover of a property to the Asset Management team.

Our Sustainability Brief guides the entire life-cycle of a development from concept, design, through procurement and construction process. The aim is to improve sustainability performance.

At all our developments we set sustainability objectives and targets. The issues considered fall into five main categories:
Site and neighborhood
Resource consumption
Environmental quality
User and occupant satisfaction
Stakeholder relations and dialogue

These categories cover issues including biodiversity, pollution, energy use,
tenants' interests, health and safety. The relative importance of these issues will vary from development to development.

Managing properties

Local management of an individual property's corporate responsibility issues is guided by the policies, working practices and initiatives set by the Corporate Responsibility Committee.

Property management requires more than simple 'good housekeeping'. Matters include the use of resources such as energy and water, waste management and communicating with stakeholders.

Refurbishment of a property presents additional corporate responsibility risks and opportunities; guidance on these matters can be found in our Sustainability Brief.

TAIN recognizes that each property's corporate responsibility issues 'mix' will be dependent on a number of factors. These include the size, use, and management arrangements at the property.

For properties with a single tenant, our role is to work with the tenants and our suppliers to influence activities and decisions where possible.

Where we have common areas under TAIN management and/or have an on site management team the role is more direct and proactive.

Selling properties and sites

Corporate responsibility extends to the disposal of TAIN's properties and sites.

The benefits of successful corporate responsibility management can continue to
be available to stakeholders after TAIN has disposed of a property.

Opportunities may exist to pass on information to the purchaser.

Corporate responsibility information can include:
- existing programme and policies, such as local employment initiatives
- tenant liaison channels
- community facilities
- building energy performance
- waste management and recycling arrangements.

Finance and Administration
TAIN's Corporate Responsibility Policy is considered in the management of TAIN's financial and administrative practices.

Issues include tax, such as tax relief on the costs of remediation-contaminated land, human rights considerations in our purchase of materials and services, corporate governance, health and safety.

TAIN's working practices operate within the framework of policies and procedures. These cover employee matters and communication with stakeholders, including tenants and suppliers.

Energy, water and consumables are needed to operate our offices. Initiatives have been put in place to reduce resource use such as energy, recycle waste, and consider environmental and social issues in our purchase of materials and services.


Procurement of materials, products and services can have significant environmental and social impacts.

TAIN has a Corporate Responsibility and Procurement Policy. This defines TAIN's commitment to the environmental and social performance of its supply chain.


Our Policy requires purchasers across the Company to consider the following:
- amount of material needed
- potential wastage
- content of the product, such as the inclusion of hazardous materials
- performance requirements, such as durability
- the supply source
- packaging requirements
- method of delivery.

Suppliers - Our relationship with suppliers is an important aspect of our corporate responsibility performance.

Contracting services such as design consultants, construction contractors, security and cleaning requires consideration of corporate responsibility matters.

These decisions are supported by TAIN's working policies and practices which cover matters such as wage rates, payment arrangements , health and safety.

CEO's Message      TAIN follows the approach taken by real estate developers and land owners globally. The process begins with identification of land and resources...
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Financial Results      TAIN has been a privately held concern since its inception. TAIN since
its inception in 2001 has seen a CAGR of 35% YoY and in the last financial
year posted a top-line revenue of $5 million.

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250 Days TAIN Located at Buna Ziua in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

  Goa PLANNING   -1844 Days Vagator is an attractive little bay between rocky headlands with a small
series of small beaches. It is adorned with the magnificent Chapora Fort
at its northern end and bordered by Anjuna Beach to the south. All these
together with the umbra of swaying palm trees, and black lava rocks makes
it a perfect surrounding for a peaceful living environment.

TAIN's residential project consists of open-plan minimalist design spaces,
which invite these excellent surroundings into its units. The design
focusses on the individual needs of each consumer, allowing them the
freedom to adapt the open-plan spaces provided as a blank canvas to let
their creativity flourish and customize their spaces to their individual

Centered on your needs, TAIN is deliberately designed to represent the
owner's aspiration and value base. Unique interior and exteriors like no
beams, flat plate construction, and attention to detail is what has given
TAIN its unique edge.



Located about 5 kms from the Express Highway on Bauxite Road, the property is about 7388 sq meters. Belgaum is a backbone to the auto ancillary units of Central and South India and the recent integrattion of facilities and proper infrastructure by State Government has given Belgaum the impetus it has needed to spur alternative growth engines besides trading.

To cater to Belagaum's aspiring and discerning clientele TAIN is to
introduce Belgaum to innovative concepts in design, construction, and
service.TAIN offers a different environment, catering to the emerging needs and desires of the global Indian.Centered on your needs, TAIN is deliberately designed to represent the owner's aspiration and value base. Unique
interior and exteriors like no beams, flat plate constructions, shell roof
and attention to details is what gives TAIN its unique edge

   -1825 Days PLANNING TAIN



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