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Before investing you must ask yourself many questions, such as;
-Is there is a need for financing the investment from external sources?
-If the tax write-offs for a particular property will boost the return on investment?
-If the area in which a property is located will mean higher property insurance premiums?
-How can your investments comply with all regulations in the region?

When deciding whether to buy or sell properties, investors face questions about the timing and characterization of a purchase or sale, its financing, legal implications, tax implications and portfolio allocation among other things. Your TAIN Investment Relationship Manager will ensure that such matters are properly advised on and will direct you to several professional PARTNER Services to resolve such queries. TAIN has developed strong PARTNER relationships with several professional services firms- tax advisors, legal advisors, banks, financial institutions and insurance advisors that combine our extensive global reach with their in-depth, specialized knowledge that comes from being in local markets, close to our clients
TAIN delivers great opportunities and benefits to clients, including:
-An unwavering corporate commitment that focuses on serving the long-term, wealth management needs of our clients and their families;
-A pledge of exceptional client service by your experienced Portfolio Investment Advisor.
-A broad geographic footprint
-A wide range of wealth management services - from investment management to estate planning to financial services and more.

There is no simple solution for growing wealth. Your financial goals, timeline, and risk profile will determine how you should allocate your assets among the major investment classes of stocks, bonds, cash equivalents, and fixed assets. TAIN's Real estate advisory services would advice primarily in the fixed asset class of investments and break it down into commercial, retail, residential, industrial and agricultural estate investment portfolio allocations which would give the most returns on your investments in line with your financial goals, timeline and risk profile. Your TAIN Investor Relationship Manager can help you determine a suitable allocation among the major fixed asset classes: After assisting you with that decision, your advisor can also provide guidance on the subsequent sector allocation within each asset class.
Investment returns and opportunities vary over time, making it necessary to review and rebalance your portfolio periodically. Because income taxes can reduce your investment returns significantly, your TAIN INVESTOR RELATIONSHIP MANAGER can work with you to identify tax efficient changes to your portfolio. These opportunities may include the use of tax-advantaged retirement vehicles.
Growing your wealth requires suitable asset allocation and the investment vehicles to implement your investment plan. It also requires flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. Your Investment Advisor can help you develop a growth strategy designed to keep you on course for financial security.

The point of your investment decisions is, by definition, to produce the returns you need to meet your long-term financial goals. But unless you are also managing investments for tax efficiency, you may be paying more than your share of tax.
"Tax-Advantaged" and "Tax-Efficient": How They Differ

Tax-advantaged refers to investments that are tax-free, tax-deductible or have additional tax benefits. Tax-efficient applies to investments that generate relatively few taxable events.
However, affluent investors can quickly reach the maximum contribution limits for tax-advantaged accounts. As a result, many affluent investors may hold a significant percentage of their assets in taxable accounts. This can pose two investment challenges: What type of assets should you hold in which account, and how can these accounts be used together as part of an overall tax strategy? According to one rule of thumb, it is generally best to hold your tax-generating investments in tax-advantaged accounts and tax-efficient investments in taxable accounts.
Once you place your assets in the most effective accounts, you can begin to think about your strategy holistically. For example, you may be able to minimize taxes by rebalancing your portfolio and offsetting investment gains with losses in your taxable accounts. It is also wise, when possible, to realize gains in taxable accounts after they qualify for the long-term capital gains rate by using options strategies to protect the position.

Because tax laws are intricate and constantly changing, it is crucial for your TAIN Investment Advisor and tax advisor to work together, especially if your investments and tax situation is complex. Often you can realize the greatest tax efficiencies by setting a strategy in advance -sometimes years in advance - and adapting it as circumstances require. But to take that sort of long-term approach requires an in-depth knowledge that you are more likely to get from a coordinated team of Advisors at TAIN.
Of course, it's important to remember that while tax efficiency is a major consideration in your investment decisions, it's not the only piece of the puzzle. No decision should be made on the basis of a single factor - including its tax implications.

For a variety of reasons, many investors fall short of achieving their desired investment goals. Selecting an inappropriate mix of assets, trying to "time" the market, or losing sight of long-term objectives are among the most common investment mistakes.
Based on our extensive experience serving clients, a disciplined and well-planned strategy is essential to successful investing. Such an approach is based on the following principles.

Successful investors understand their personal approach to life. Some take a "hands-on" approach to controlling their own destiny, while others are comfortable delegating day-to-day money management decisions to financial specialists who have demonstrated their performance.
No matter how great your intelligence, energy level or success in the business world may be, there are only 24 hours in each day. If your priorities are running a business, travelling frequently or focusing on family issues, you need to look realistically at the amount of time available to personally manage your investments.
Limit advisory relationships by working with a limited number of Investment managers. Many investors seek to diversify their portfolio with a multitude of advisory relationships. In most cases, the same benefits of diversification can be achieved - at a much lower cost - by engaging just two or three investment managers.

Learn the Basics
Educate yourself about the basics of investment, including the constant trade-offs between risk and reward and the benefits of asset allocation. Many studies have shown that the assets in your portfolio can be optimized for the highest potential returns, while being consistent with your overall tolerance for risk. In other words, a well-constructed, diverse portfolio can move you closer to your goals.
In addition, consider a two-tiered approach to investing. If you want to play an active management role, consider creating two portfolios: one with your core assets for retirement or your estate under the direction of a professional manager and a second portfolio under your personal control.

Establish Realistic Goals
Set clear and reasonable objectives that align with the current investment climate. Despite the desire of most investors, achieving a 15% return on assets with virtually no risk is simply not a reasonable expectation in today's financial markets.
Review the performance of your money managers on a quarterly or annual basis. This allows you to review your portfolio's performance and make any necessary adjustments while allowing for market cycles.

Become a Disciplined Investor
Its important to follow a focused investment strategy throughout the ups and downs of market cycles. Emotions like fear and greed can trigger short-term decisions that may reduce your portfolio's long-term performance. Keep in mind the adage: "Time in the market is more important than timing the market."
By following a disciplined and rational approach to investment decisions, you can build a solid foundation for achieving your financial goals. The rewards can last a lifetime, and leave a lasting legacy for your children and grandchildren.

By allocating funds properly and employing tax-advantaged financial tools, you can help future generations inherit wealth the way you intend. With unprecedented wealth poised to transfer to the next generation, the creators of that wealth are giving serious thought to how they want to build a strong, lasting legacy. Minimizing estate and gift taxes has always been important, and with people living longer, parents and grandparents are making lifetime gifts to experience the joy of watching younger generations benefit.

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Cluj Napoca       

250 Days TAIN Located at Buna Ziua in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

  Goa PLANNING   -1844 Days Vagator is an attractive little bay between rocky headlands with a small
series of small beaches. It is adorned with the magnificent Chapora Fort
at its northern end and bordered by Anjuna Beach to the south. All these
together with the umbra of swaying palm trees, and black lava rocks makes
it a perfect surrounding for a peaceful living environment.

TAIN's residential project consists of open-plan minimalist design spaces,
which invite these excellent surroundings into its units. The design
focusses on the individual needs of each consumer, allowing them the
freedom to adapt the open-plan spaces provided as a blank canvas to let
their creativity flourish and customize their spaces to their individual

Centered on your needs, TAIN is deliberately designed to represent the
owner's aspiration and value base. Unique interior and exteriors like no
beams, flat plate construction, and attention to detail is what has given
TAIN its unique edge.



Located about 5 kms from the Express Highway on Bauxite Road, the property is about 7388 sq meters. Belgaum is a backbone to the auto ancillary units of Central and South India and the recent integrattion of facilities and proper infrastructure by State Government has given Belgaum the impetus it has needed to spur alternative growth engines besides trading.

To cater to Belagaum's aspiring and discerning clientele TAIN is to
introduce Belgaum to innovative concepts in design, construction, and
service.TAIN offers a different environment, catering to the emerging needs and desires of the global Indian.Centered on your needs, TAIN is deliberately designed to represent the owner's aspiration and value base. Unique
interior and exteriors like no beams, flat plate constructions, shell roof
and attention to details is what gives TAIN its unique edge

   -1825 Days PLANNING TAIN



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