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TAIN'S Wealth Management Solutions
TAIN's primary objective is to produce and maximize superior sustained and secure long term investment value. We do this by focusing on actively adding value to our real estate through portfolio selection, intense asset management, development, entrepreneurial deal-doing and financing in some of the fastest developing regions in the world. Our preferred basic ingredient is prime property in sectors where we have distinctive skills and benefiting from favorable long term supply/demand trends. Property that is in demand from occupiers and end users enjoys better growth as well as better downside protection, typically enhanced by long leases with secure covenants. Our investment approach is to concentrate on the fundamentals of each asset-enduring attraction to occupiers, scarcity value, location and efficiency.

How TAIN Provides Portfolio Investment Advisory Services?
TAIN begins each engagement by establishing a clear understanding of the needs and objectives of your investment. The goal is simple: to know our client's situation, inside and out. We conduct research, ask questions, and apply our knowledge and global network of resources to arrive at a clear and comprehensive picture of your particular circumstance. From there we develop an approach that is specifically tailored to serve your needs using the right blend of talented people, superior knowledge, industry experience and advanced technology.

The TAIN Investor Relationship Manager
Leading the entire process is your TAIN Investor Relationship Manager-a senior TAIN team member who manages all aspects of your account - including current and prospective risk, loss prevention and loss settlement, marketing, and administration.
All TAIN Investor Relationship Managers bring the experience and expertise required to manage your risk, in a way thats tailored to meet your particular needs. Your TAIN Investor Relationship Manager is responsible for:
- Understanding the specific nature of the risk you face in line with your financial objectives.
- Assembling a dedicated team of TAIN Associates and resources who work together to develop appropriate strategies and solutions for assessing, mitigating, managing and eliminating your risks.
- Functioning as a vital link to TAIN's network of global experts.
- Acting as your dedicated advocate and trusted adviser.
What's more, your Relationship Manager works directly with you to:
- Protect your current assets and revenue streams
- Help guard against the consequences of unforeseen or intangible exposures that might jeopardize your future operations
- Fulfill your financial objectives
- In this way, the TAIN Portfolio Investment advisory model leverages and unifies the complete range of TAIN resources in order to maximize your business's potential and ensures its ongoing growth and success.

What do we mean by the Value Gap?
Value is the gap between what clients can do for themselves and what we can do for them. Simply put, it's the reason that clients choose TAIN. At TAIN, we believe risk management should help investors go beyond today - to reach their maximum potential in the future. Closing the gap between where you are today and where you'll be in the future is how we create value.

The "Value Gap"
Our Expertise gets you there; TAIN provides value to our clients in four key ways:
- Industry expertise – we bring in-depth understanding of our industry, factoring in current and future changes that affect your investments.
- Strategic expertise – we align your financial objectives with a comprehensive risk management and insurance strategy, providing new ideas and alternatives that help you meet your goals.
- Risk analysis expertise – we provide the in-depth analysis you need, detailing potential risks you may encounter, and offering a range of solutions to help avoid, manage or mitigate those risks.
- Innovative product solutions – we develop innovative and customized solutions that go beyond the norm, matching your specific needs to help you maximize its potential.
Taken together, our in-depth knowledge, expert resources, advanced technology and global market access help you move from simply responding to risks, to capitalizing on business opportunities with confidence.
Though the parameters may differ from program to program, all TAIN clients benefit from our creative solutions, strong market relationships and comprehensive, hands-on service. Maximizing potential, that's how TAIN closes the gap between today and tomorrow.

The TAIN Global Concept:
- Every local TAIN office is a portal to a vast array of specialized services and expertise. No matter where they are located in the world, clients can receive the full benefit of every service that TAIN offers. We call this our Global service - providing you with a unique double advantage by combining Global resources with Local delivery. Many companies have resources spread among worldwide locations. What makes our global service special is the direct delivery of those resources. Your TAIN Investor Relationship Manager orchestrates the resources you need from our comprehensive global network of skills, knowledge, products and services. Not every Investor has global needs but every Investor can benefit from access to the creative solutions developed by TAIN Associates around the world.

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Cluj Napoca       

250 Days TAIN Located at Buna Ziua in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

  Goa PLANNING   -1784 Days Vagator is an attractive little bay between rocky headlands with a small
series of small beaches. It is adorned with the magnificent Chapora Fort
at its northern end and bordered by Anjuna Beach to the south. All these
together with the umbra of swaying palm trees, and black lava rocks makes
it a perfect surrounding for a peaceful living environment.

TAIN's residential project consists of open-plan minimalist design spaces,
which invite these excellent surroundings into its units. The design
focusses on the individual needs of each consumer, allowing them the
freedom to adapt the open-plan spaces provided as a blank canvas to let
their creativity flourish and customize their spaces to their individual

Centered on your needs, TAIN is deliberately designed to represent the
owner's aspiration and value base. Unique interior and exteriors like no
beams, flat plate construction, and attention to detail is what has given
TAIN its unique edge.



Located about 5 kms from the Express Highway on Bauxite Road, the property is about 7388 sq meters. Belgaum is a backbone to the auto ancillary units of Central and South India and the recent integrattion of facilities and proper infrastructure by State Government has given Belgaum the impetus it has needed to spur alternative growth engines besides trading.

To cater to Belagaum's aspiring and discerning clientele TAIN is to
introduce Belgaum to innovative concepts in design, construction, and
service.TAIN offers a different environment, catering to the emerging needs and desires of the global Indian.Centered on your needs, TAIN is deliberately designed to represent the owner's aspiration and value base. Unique
interior and exteriors like no beams, flat plate constructions, shell roof
and attention to details is what gives TAIN its unique edge

   -1765 Days PLANNING TAIN



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