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TAIN understands that, to capitalize on the explosive growth and revenue opportunities available in its markets, it has to combine the strength, talent and experience of the world's best ‘Partners' with its industry-proven products, resources and leadership, resulting in a dynamic force capable of unprecedented market acquisition.

Our Partners:
- recognize measurable growth and increased profitability
- offer scalable product portfolio
- offer solutions that speed project development while reducing total cost of ownership- have access to best-in-breed product, sales and technical training

TAIN 'Partner Program' delivers a comprehensive set of tools and support that ensure the success of our partners. TAIN provides a collaborative environment in which partners are encouraged to work with us, as well as with other partners, to grow their business and profits. We seek partners who are as serious about increased growth and profitability as we are. Our partner selection criteria include:
- Proven industry performers
- Experienced solution providers
- Customer-centric with an aggressive market-acquisition strategy

Distinctive Excellence

What makes us unique? TAIN offers the only scalable and pre-configured product portfolio designed specifically for the mid market. The breadth of our partner program includes leading products, compelling sales incentives and competitive marketing tools. The TAIN brand is recognized globally - with continuous marketing campaigns that generate demand and drive leads to our partners. And TAIN supports an open relationship - our non-proprietary product development philosophy enables our partners to support multiple product lines.

Delivering Global Best Practices
TAIN ‘Partner Program' is designed around the following global industry best practices:

- Clear and positive channel engagement
- Increased partner profitability
- Rewards for performance
- Scalable and flexible requirements and benefits
- Enablement and support throughout the sales cycle

Partner Benefits
The Partner Programme will add value to your products by broadening client connectivity. It will also facilitate the employment of your applications to deals generated outside the client site. Clients will benefit from a reduction in the often prolonged integration process. The Partnership Program generates attractive pricing, packaging and integration from key vendors offering advanced products and services for the customers. The result is a comprehensive solution that benefits TAIN to increase operating efficiencies, more effectively manage cost and quality and provide greater overall value to its customers. TAIN would benefit from working with other experienced business and technology organizations and also provide a comprehensive range of products and services for our customer base that meets their requirements

Some of the benefits that our Partners Programme include:
- The opportunity to stay abreast of cutting-edge research on the computer industry;
- Where faculty and corporate interests align, the opportunity to become an active participant in ongoing research, share expertise and when and if appropriate, have the opportunity to influence and provide data about products/services.
- Interaction with executives from other partner companies
- Frequent opportunities to learn from other companies, sharing ideas and insights, including access to a database of research findings and publications.
The Partnership Program will drive best vendor pricing and provide the best services. Benefit from the increased awareness of products / services that are available for use through supplier/customer

TAIN seeks to leverage your expertise to complement our strengths as equal partners in sales, technical and marketing activities, while enabling both entities to focus on our respective core competencies. We believe that by creating a collaborative environment you will have the opportunity to grow your business and your profits.

If you wish to partner with us, click on PARTNER NOW.

I Partner with TAIN      TAIN does not look at suppliers as commodity suppliers but the TAIN Partner Program recognizes your expertise...
How TAIN can support your success ?      TAIN has adopted new approaches to PARTNER relationship management. TAIN has avoided the worst aspects of traditional procurement: risk ...
What makes us different?      A combination of the way we do business, our values, process oriented work and control systems, culture...

Where TAIN can take you ?      The TAIN PARTNERING PROGRAM delivers two crucial outcomes to investors - better value for money and dramatic...

What we look for in our Partners ?      Before we decide whom to PARTNER with we look for the following in all our PARTNERS...
Partnering Process      The TAIN PARTNER PROGRAM is created to add value to our existing and new projects, specifically ensuring that the technical integration of products...

TAIN Partner      TAIN PARTNERS are leaders in their industry and area of expertise .They have immense integrity, exceptional skills...

Partner-Code of Conduct      The Code of Conduct applies to all your activities in your relationship with TAIN. We acknowledges your critical role in defining and protecting...

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Cluj Napoca       

250 Days TAIN Located at Buna Ziua in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

  Goa PLANNING   -1844 Days Vagator is an attractive little bay between rocky headlands with a small
series of small beaches. It is adorned with the magnificent Chapora Fort
at its northern end and bordered by Anjuna Beach to the south. All these
together with the umbra of swaying palm trees, and black lava rocks makes
it a perfect surrounding for a peaceful living environment.

TAIN's residential project consists of open-plan minimalist design spaces,
which invite these excellent surroundings into its units. The design
focusses on the individual needs of each consumer, allowing them the
freedom to adapt the open-plan spaces provided as a blank canvas to let
their creativity flourish and customize their spaces to their individual

Centered on your needs, TAIN is deliberately designed to represent the
owner's aspiration and value base. Unique interior and exteriors like no
beams, flat plate construction, and attention to detail is what has given
TAIN its unique edge.



Located about 5 kms from the Express Highway on Bauxite Road, the property is about 7388 sq meters. Belgaum is a backbone to the auto ancillary units of Central and South India and the recent integrattion of facilities and proper infrastructure by State Government has given Belgaum the impetus it has needed to spur alternative growth engines besides trading.

To cater to Belagaum's aspiring and discerning clientele TAIN is to
introduce Belgaum to innovative concepts in design, construction, and
service.TAIN offers a different environment, catering to the emerging needs and desires of the global Indian.Centered on your needs, TAIN is deliberately designed to represent the owner's aspiration and value base. Unique
interior and exteriors like no beams, flat plate constructions, shell roof
and attention to details is what gives TAIN its unique edge

   -1825 Days PLANNING TAIN



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