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Time and again, the same questions come up at interviews. Here are answers to some that are most frequently asked.
How does TAIN go about selecting people?

Initial selection is via an on-line application form. On the basis of your application, you may be invited to attend a series of interviews and/or assessment days. These will be conducted by a mixture of recruitment specialists and trained managers from the business area to which you are applying.

What qualities does TAIN look for in applicants?
Naturally, we'll want to satisfy ourselves that you have the technical skills and qualifications necessary for the job in question. Above that, we'll be looking for personal skills such as initiative and ability to work in a team, as well as good communication skills. For senior and managerial positions, your proven leadership ability will be an important factor.

How long does it take to let me know if I have been successful at an assessment day?
We aim to reply to you in writing within five working days of you attending an assessment.

Can I choose where I will be based?
When a job is based in more than one location you can state a preference, which we will try to accommodate. However, this will be subject to where we have vacancies at the time and the operational needs of the business.

What opportunities are there to work and travel abroad?
TAIN offers its employees an opportunity to work and travel abroad based on the requirement at its various offices globally and also on individual performance.

How useful are language skills?
Language skills are always an asset, particularly in areas involving direct contact with our customers.

I applied at TAIN a while ago and was unsuccessful. Can I reapply?
You may reapply once a year has elapsed since your application. However, you will need to complete a new application.

How would my performance be appraised?
Your progress will be monitored both informally, in discussions with your manager, and formally through an annual performance review. This is an opportunity for you to set clear goals for the forthcoming year and identify the skills and support you will need to achieve them. In many areas we are in the process of introducing an element of performance related pay.

What opportunities are there for career progression?
The sheer size and diversity of our business means the opportunities for career progression are excellent. Whatever you want to do, whichever direction you want your career to take, there's an extremely good chance you will be able to do it here.

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I Work for TAIN      TAIN is a global real estate developer who operates in some of the fastest developing regions of the world. TAIN could be the ideal match for your...
Where TAIN can take you?      Work at TAIN can be demanding. But it also offers a fast-track career and a world of opportunities to fulfill your most ambitious dreams...
Why Work for TAIN?      Many of our people join the firm because they want to build on their specialized skills and broaden their opportunities in the real estate space...

What makes us different?      TAIN believes that investment in its people, a creative work environment, opportunity to explore diverse solutions for complex problems...

How we support your success?      One of the first things you'll notice at TAIN is that we will go out of our way to help each other, both professionally and personally...
What we look for?      We hire exceptional people with outstanding capabilities and great potential...

Work-Code of Conduct      We expect all employee stakeholders to meet deadlines as assigned or promised and non-compliance will be seen...
IMSULU      TAIN believes that the best people realize their potential through challenge and we facilitate our people‚Äôs growth by providing...

Application Process      The application and interview process at TAIN is rigorous, no matter which side of the table you are on...

Careers @ TAIN      Thank you for your interest in working with TAIN. Our flexible culture allows you to pursue your passions and shape your own TAIN career...
Graype      In order to build visionary and long lasting firms, there is an urgent need to develop leaders among the ranks; leaders who have the ability...
Campus Recruitment      Campus Recruitment provides a platform for TAIN to meet the you and pick
up intelligent, committed people who...

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Cluj Napoca       

250 Days TAIN Located at Buna Ziua in Cluj Napoca, Romania.

  Goa PLANNING   -1729 Days Vagator is an attractive little bay between rocky headlands with a small
series of small beaches. It is adorned with the magnificent Chapora Fort
at its northern end and bordered by Anjuna Beach to the south. All these
together with the umbra of swaying palm trees, and black lava rocks makes
it a perfect surrounding for a peaceful living environment.

TAIN's residential project consists of open-plan minimalist design spaces,
which invite these excellent surroundings into its units. The design
focusses on the individual needs of each consumer, allowing them the
freedom to adapt the open-plan spaces provided as a blank canvas to let
their creativity flourish and customize their spaces to their individual

Centered on your needs, TAIN is deliberately designed to represent the
owner's aspiration and value base. Unique interior and exteriors like no
beams, flat plate construction, and attention to detail is what has given
TAIN its unique edge.



Located about 5 kms from the Express Highway on Bauxite Road, the property is about 7388 sq meters. Belgaum is a backbone to the auto ancillary units of Central and South India and the recent integrattion of facilities and proper infrastructure by State Government has given Belgaum the impetus it has needed to spur alternative growth engines besides trading.

To cater to Belagaum's aspiring and discerning clientele TAIN is to
introduce Belgaum to innovative concepts in design, construction, and
service.TAIN offers a different environment, catering to the emerging needs and desires of the global Indian.Centered on your needs, TAIN is deliberately designed to represent the owner's aspiration and value base. Unique
interior and exteriors like no beams, flat plate constructions, shell roof
and attention to details is what gives TAIN its unique edge

   -1710 Days PLANNING TAIN



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